As an artist, it is important to create art that is unique to me. I began dividing my work into segments in graduate school. My first three paintings were under-painted with my grandmothers’ patchwork quilting patterns. I made patchwork quilts for many years before learning to paint, so I was infusing my paintings with my family history. I painted florals over the patchwork created unusual segments. It was interesting work. At some point I intend to return to that idea for an upcoming series of paintings that I continue to think about and will eventually commit to canvas.

The paintings, however, were labor intensive and time consuming, and I was growing weary of the work. The great Chuck Close gave a lecture one evening at the St. Louis Art Museum displaying slides of his huge portraits based entirely on a grid with various colors placed within the grid. As he wheeled this wheelchair away from the podium, I felt like the laziest artist alive.

Since that evening, I have committed myself to segmenting my paintings, no matter how long each piece may take to finish. Many of my pieces have taken 300 hours or more. I am proud of the work.

– Nancy Friederich

My journey through life has been amazing and, at times, incredibly challenging.

I grew up in Southern Illinois, the oldest of three children. My childhood years were wonderful. Growing up in a small town with family and friends close by was the childhood every kid should have.

I had no real interest in art until I was in my early 30’s. A friend was taking a Wednesday evening art class, and producing some amazing paintings. I wanted to try my hand, but with a family and a job, I had little time. Eventually I made time, and I was hooked immediately.I struggled to learn as much as possible.

For any mother raising a house full of growing boys, one must always wait. Finally, at 46 years of age I returned to college to soak up as much information as my art professors had to share.

My Master of Fine Arts Degree was completed when I was 56, and I immediately began teaching at Southwestern Illinois College. Although I am proud of what I have accomplished, my greatest achievements are my wonderful sons and sweet grandchildren.

Nancy Friederich Resume/CV


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